About US

Our History

CasaTrove was started because our founder, Jon Clemens, didn't like spiders in his hair.  One day Jon and his family were planning to touch up the paint in their living room, which meant Jon had to figure out what paint colors were used the first time it was painted.   To do that, he crawled to the back recesses of his garage where the paint cans from 10 years ago were stored.   After lots of spiders and rummaging around he found the original can, but in the process, he realized there is no reason this information shouldn't be easily accessible on his phone.  

He started asking around and found that the pain of tracking all the info about the house and all the things in it - was nearly universally shared by everyone he met.   He heard plenty of stories about water heaters/refrigerators/etc. going out with no memory of who installed it, what the warranty was, or how to get it easily fixed.   

Jon has often been accused by his lovely wife of living in 'should world' because of his obsession with finding the way things 'should' work.   In this case, he knew the information about someone's house and all the things in it should be easily stored and accessible on our phones and not spread all over the house in various document and junk drawers.   

As part of the initial research into this need, Jon talked to a friend and expert in real estate, Pieter Salverda, who thought that tracking this type of data could make it a very useful tool for real estate professionals as well as for homeowners.   

Based on this, CasaTrove was created to address the issues that homeowners have in tracking info about their home and to help real estate agents become more of a trusted home resource for their clients.

Executive profiles

Jon Clemens  –   CEO

Jon founded CasaTrove.   Prior to that, he also founded Jakoba Software which has been developing enterprise software and offering IT/Finance/HR consulting to Fortune 500 companies since the mid-2000s. Jon came to Jakoba from Microsoft where he led product planning and marketing teams. Prior, he was a business consultant for Andersen Consulting and Ernst & Young. Jon was also the founder and CEO of ServiceStop.com which was an online platform for aggregating deliverable services. He lives in Seattle and loves getting outdoors with his family to explore.

Pieter Salverda - SVP Sales & Implementations

Pieter has been a Managing Broker with Windermere Real Estate since 2003. In that time he has worked in all manner of real estate transactions from single and multi-family to commercial and vacant land. In his time with Windermere Pieter has successfully closed over $50 Million is sales and has also served as a member of the Windermere Standards of Practice. Prior to working Real Estate Pieter was a middle school teacher as well as Track and Cross-Country Coach. Pieter and his family enjoy exploring Seattle and all manner of outdoor recreation. 

We are hiring

CasaTrove is a fast-growing start-up with a product, clients, and a desire to change the way all homeowners track the info in their home.   If you are interested in working with us, we'd love to hear from you.   Contact us at info@casatrove.com